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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Former Pakistani Intel Chief Fears World War Three Is Imminent

General Hamid Gul points to “dark impulse” controlling US system


- Global clique, an “ultra-Imperial club” shaping world affairs

- Destabilization exercise known as ‘war on terror’ could lead to World War Three

- All of Islamic world could be provocateured into “international jihad”

- 9/11 was a fabricated pretext to dominate the middle east and beyond

- Intelligence claims exposed by Wikileaks are “diabolical nonsense”

Former Pakistani Intel Chief Fears World War Three Is Imminent 170810GulFormer Pakistani General and intelligence chief Hamid Gul appeared on the Alex Jones Show yesterday for a full hour in what turned out to be a fascinating extended interview, addressing the major geopolitical issues that are shaping modern history.

Gul, who served as the director general of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence during 1987-89 and worked with the CIA in the covert war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, is a wealth of knowledge on the so called ‘war on terror’.

Read the entire article and watch videos here:
Former Pakistani Intel Chief Fears World War Three Is Imminent

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