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Thursday, May 13, 2010

AP IMPACT: After 40 years, America’s drug war failing on all fronts | Raw Story

AP IMPACT: After 40 years, America’s drug war failing on all fronts | Raw Story


  1. We must stay the course in the war on drugs. What is a trillion dollars when you measure it against the evil of people smoking marijuana? If we spend double the $15 billion we spend today surely we will have better results. What we need is a drug surge, commit more money, more resources, more troops there will be light at the end of the tunnel, it worked in Iraq and it is working in Afghanistan. When the troops come home from those wars they should be assigned jobs in the war on drugs. House to house searches, neighborhood lockdowns, rock concert suppression and augmenting airport and border security are a few of the jobs that our highly trained military can easily handle. The vast majority of Americans must be convinced that drugs are evil, fund terrorism, lead to a decline in our moral character as a nation and put democracy at risk. We need stronger penalties from our courts as a deterrent; the longer we keep drug users in jail the greater the deterrent factor and after 25 years in prison many of those released will certainly think more than once about picking up a marijuana cigarette again. We can also change the law so parents of those who take drugs are liable for court costs and can be forced to do time with their children. We could also establish a reward system, like neighborhood watch, where neighbors can be rewarded for turning people in in cash, scholarships, mortgage buy-downs, health-care or vacations within the good ole USA.
    The number of new prisons built and the jobs created will be a boon to our economy and may lead us out of the recession and into a drug free America, strong and free.

  2. I sure hope you were joking 4time2fun. If you are not you are surely not a friend of this blog as you obviously are for BIG GOVERNMENT. The war on drugs has been one of the biggest failures this country has ever had. We have more people in prison than China, which is a complete waste of precious human energy. Well, time to get to work...Imagine that, I can smoke a doobie and still hold down a job I know plenty of people are likely to call in sick today because they are hung over. No hang over with Ganja...


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